Welcome to Vale Care Services Ltd

VCS Ltd is a Cardiff based healthcare provider. We are dedicated to delivering the best healthcare solutions that answer your needs and exceed all expectations.

We specialize in providing healthcare workers to both private and corporate clients. Our team of staff are fully trained to provide specialized care that are entirely tailored to your needs.

Our managers, field supervisors and care staff all work as a team to ensure everyone is working effectively, with the common goal of providing the best possible care for our clients.

Our nursing and support staff agency solutions supply medical and non-medical staff to a number of the largest regional private care institutions including care homes and secure hospital units.

Our support and care staff are experienced and well trained in all aspects of primary and secondary care.

Covering Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

Our Mission

Our Company - Build a strong team of professional carers to deliver the highest quality of care
Our Clients - Empower service users to lead life to the fullest
Our Staff - Always overachieving what is expected of us in our duty of care